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"I was blown away! I asked myself throughout the can this even be possible!!!"

           - Chris W.  Royal Caribbean

Comedy Hypnosis
Live Without Regrets

Witness the power of the subconscious as you watch the volunteers become the stars of the show. Brian has created a fast-paced show that will have you falling out of your seat with laughter.  You will see hilarious situations unfold on stage.....of course with a unique twist to create the most outrageous situations you have to see to believe!

Mysteries of the Mind

Combining comedy and mentalism, Brian uses mental and intuitive skills to read behavior and body language to get inside the minds of random audience members he has never met before! This is a show that is both HYSTERICALLY crazy funny and mind-blowing. "Mysteries of the Mind" is guaranteed to amaze even the most skeptical as he reveals names and information that only that person would know. Brian ends the show where he accurately makes a prediction that was made weeks before that seems absolutely impossible! 

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