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2023/2024 PROMO VIDEO



Hypnosis is 100% safe and a natural state of mind.  Comedy Hypnosis is one of the best kinds of entertainment for any type of event. It's non-stop laughter where your attendees are the stars of the show and will be remembered by all for many years!



I was professionally trained in Las Vegas and have been performing shows for 15 years for companies such as Toyota and Royal Caribbean

The Show

This is my passion and I've taken all my experience and research from over the past 15 years and have created the absolute best show possible. Music and sound effects create emotion which is the key to taking the audience on an incredible journey. No shortcuts are taken as I use over 80 pieces of music and weave them into the show to create the most amazing show possible!


The Cost

My goal is to make the fee a win-win for everyone so I have created multiple show packages to ensure that there is something that works for everyone.  I have been able to work with close to 99% of everyone and their budget!

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