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After years of practicing hypnotherapy and seeing clients, I began getting calls from the same clients seeking help with other areas of improvement.  I then began to realize that while the best way to make changes is with hypnosis, is there an even more effective way for the general public.  Personally, I use self hypnosis daily and it hit me that if I could teach every client I see how to effectively do self hypnosis, then they would have the tools needed to make any change needed for the rest of their lives.  
This is my philosophy now.  Whenever you I see you for a hypnotherapy session, whether it's for weightloss, to stop smoking or other reasons, I will teach you how to do self hypnosis and provide you with a mp3 music download that has been specifically designed for hypnosis. Due to you learning self-hypnosis, there is no need for multiple sessions.  One session, and you have all the tools needed to make changes for the rest of your life.
Due to COVID and the request from others, I now do mu hypnotherapy sessions via zoom in the comfort of your home.  The sucess rate of zoom sessions is just as effective if not more due to you being in the comfort of your own home.  In the past my session were $249 but I have lowered the fee to $199 which included everything below.
You will also receive the following with your hypnotherapy session:

Ultimate Self Hypnosis Program  

“Reprogramming Your Mind for Maximum Success”


A complete program that will teach you how to improve performance and achieve your personal and professional goals in the fastest way possible by using self hypnosis. Accomplish this in less than 10 minutes a day.


Includes the following:


  • Complete program available as dowloads via password

  • Step by step self hypnosis pdf

  • MP3 music download: music that has been specifically designed for this self hypnosis program

  • Lifetime email access for any questions that arise to help further your goals




  • 17 MP3 download hypnosis sessions specifically chosen to cover issues to help you reach success in life 



1) Confidence                                                   

2) Increased Self Esteem  

3) Sexual Fulfillment

4) Powerful Public Speaking 

5) Fear of Flying 

6) Relaxation

7) Anxiety Release



8) Smoking Aversion

9) Stop Smoking with Time Distortion


10) Easy Weight Loss

11) Exercise Motivation

12) Maintaining Weight Loss


13) Selling Skills with Hypnosis

14) Natural Negotiation 

15) Creating Wealth

16) Networking Confidence

17) Enjoy Your Job



Inner Advisor Program:  

Think about the last time you had something bothering you where you needed an answer.  The best person to ask for advice is yourself.  No one knows you better than yourself.  You have it within yourself to get any answer that you need.  You have that answer within yourself.  The question is, how do you gain access to this?  This program is called “Inner Advisor” because once you’re in a hypnotic state, I will guide you through your subconscious mind.  It’s here where I guide you to locate the part of your mind that has the answers you seek.