1. Make  sure you look at the website.  Is it professional or poorly put together?  This lets you know if they do this as a hobby or if it's a professional show

2.  No matter how tempting it is, don't go with the lowest priced show.  Someone who has performed professionally and has had professionally training will make sure you have a sucesssful event.  If you hire someone who has not been trained professionally, you're at risk of having a show that isn't funny and could ruin your event


a) A professional trains every year learning the newest techniques

b) The hypnotist will have insurance to make sure everyone is safe

c)  Covers advertising, travel, and equipment costs that go into the show

d) Time away from family that included travel and setup time

3.  Watch video clips of the hypnotists performance.  Do they use alot of music and are the routines new and original?  Music is the key to opening up the imagination so the show should be using music and sound effects thoughout the show

4.  Does the hypnotist you speak with hire other hypnotists to do the show?  Some hypnotists act as an agency and overbook giving out shows to other hypnotists for a fee.  It's always best to have direct contact with the hypnotist that is performing your show 


1. My passion is hypnosis and I'm constantly updating my shows so they are improve each week.  I'm also a hypnotherapist and keynote speaker where I give a presentation to groups on how they can use their subconscious mind to reach goals.  I have worked with many leading companies such as Toyota and Royal Caribbean

2.  I do my best to keep my prices below the average costs of a professional hypnosis show.  I want to ensure that you have an incredible event at a price that is fair to everyone.  You can have piece of mind knowing that my goal is to make you look like a rockstar and to know that I'll provide an amazing experience for the audience 

a) I train at least twice a year with the top leading hypnotists and subconscious mind experts 

b) I have a one million dollar policy and have never had to use it!  I make sure safety is #1  

c)  Everything is covered except the hotel in most cases.   I do offer all inclusive to make it easier for you

3)  Please watch the video clips on my home page.  I use over 80 tracks of music and sound effects.  I also play music prior to the event as they are getting seated to build excitement for the show  

4)  If you talk with me and we partner together, than I will be your hypnotist at the show!