As a psychological illusionist, Brian takes the audience on an interactive journey of the mind using his intuition, psychology and suggestion to read the minds of the audience.

***Before the show begins, audience members are encouraged to submit various life moments and place in a sealed box***

1.  Brian opens the show in a hilarious routine of using cards and total misdirection

2. Using the moments submitted by the audience prior to the show, an audience member is brought on stage to randomly choose one from the box and will become a mind reader with Brian

3.  Two audience members are invited onstage and each picks any word from any page in a randomly chosen book.  Brian has one minute to not only get one word but both words from their minds


4. Brian performs the famous headline prediction!  One month before the show, Brian sends a sealed FedEx envelope that contains his predictions of what will be in the newspaper headlines the day of the show.  The sealed envelope is brought to the show and placed in a clear box for the audience to see until the reveal.  Brian never touches the box or the envelope until he reveals that the predictions made weeks ago match the headlines with the day of the shows newspaper headlines!  Totally unexplainable  and will blow their minds!


These any many more effects that will make you wonder what's real and  what's fantasy



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- Brian


If you have a networking event or party, Brian brings his illusions to your event and will walk around to groups of people allowing them to be a part of fun.  Mind reading, illusions and humor will create an atmosphere of fun and a memorable event


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